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An education loan may be relevant to you if you want to enter into an education that is not free. Although there are many programs in Denmark that do not cost you money, there are also self-financed programs. In these cases, you have to be able to finance the education yourself in order to be admitted.

The prices of these programs vary widely and are typically at a high price level. Therefore, an economical, helping hand may be needed if you do not have a savings to draw on.

Take out a loan for your education abroad


It may also be that you go dreaming to read abroad, where you also have the opportunity to explore new, exciting cultures. In these situations, you can choose to take out a loan for your education abroad.

Why you should take out a loan for education abroad


Many people find it very interesting to study abroad, because the programs are typically different from the Danish ones. Foreign education, on the other hand, is rarely free – even if you have citizenship in each country.

In addition, there are also many programs in Denmark that offer students a semester abroad. This has usually been made possible because the place of education has established a close relationship with the various universities that end in fixed cooperation agreements.

At Sean Cole, we understand that it is difficult to refuse such a unique opportunity, as they typically only bid once.

We take up the fight against dull situations, and therefore we also give you the opportunity to realize your dreams by offering you a loan for education abroad.

If you are already in an education and have been given the opportunity to take a semester abroad, there is no need to wait. At Sean Cole, it only takes one minute to apply for your loan.

Apply for a loan abroad for your education here!

Loans for Education – Specialize Today!


If you dream of specializing in a particular subject area, you may also choose to take a course that is of particular relevance to you. All in all, a course will give you a broader or more specialized profile that you can benefit from in the future.

The various courses, on the other hand, are rarely free, as the providers are typically traders and therefore depend on earnings. Therefore, we offer you financial help to shape your own future if you are in an unfortunate situation where you cannot afford it.

Loans for Education – Sean Cole’s solution


At Sean Cole, we offer you annuity loans that always have you and your finances in focus. We take pride in pleasing our customers every single time, and therefore we guarantee you a good loan experience.

If you have decided to take out a loan with us – either to get you a unique experience or to get a very specific profile – you are guaranteed:

  • immediately Payout
  • Co-determination from the start
  • A secure loan
  • A flexible loan

Immediate Payout – At Sean Cole, we understand that you may sometimes need money in a hurry. That is why we offer you immediate payment when you take out a loan for education with us.

Co-determination from the start – when you apply for a loan with us, you will be asked to decide on the monthly payment on your loan. This way, you make sure you have maximum impact on your own loan period.

A secure loan – we offer you annuity loans where the monthly payment is always the same. This way, you make sure that you get through the entire loan period safely – without boring surprises.

A flexible loan – when you take out a loan for your education with us, you are guaranteed a high degree of flexibility, because you can use our interest-free function. The feature allows you to pay interest on your loan only if you suddenly had to make a smaller amount available. In these cases, you will only pay the interest on your loan.

However, you cannot take out a loan with us if you are already registered in the RKI or the Debtor register.

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